Proposal For Event


Mid Century Modern Tour presents Whanganui’s mid century architecture in a walking tour around the township. We are interested in creating an annual event to bring in more tourism from the surrounding towns.This experience is going to be themed and all patrons are welcome to dress in 40s to 60s style fashion to coincide with their tour guide and create an experience from this iconic era. The event will begin on Friday evening with a art exhibition at the Studio Gallery, hosted by Catherine Claypol. Saturday guests are welcome to make their way to the markets or out to breakfast to one of the many exquisite establishments. There will be 2 tour times which patrons can book into. The first one will leave 10.30am and the second will commence at 11am both from the War memorial Hall. At approximately 1 pm lunch will be served back at The War Memorial Hall in a picnic style. After lunch (approximately 1 hour) the tours will begin again finishing at the War Memorial Hall. Guests will have some free time after the tours before the movie night hosted by Mark Southcombe. Sunday morning Juila Gately will be hosting breakfast. Sunday is a day of self guided tours to private mid century modern homes and other buildings outside of the township.

War Memorial Hall

War Memorial Hall



Whanganui Mid Century Modern Zine

The Whanganui Mid Century Modern Zine will include a map guide the patrons through their tour, presenting all of the buildings and in what order and any other relevant information. We want this map to allow guests to have a sense of direction in case they may fall behind.

The Zine will also dedicate 1 page per building with all the key information for the guests to enjoy the tour. The key information will include the architect, who designed the building, the date it was built and any interesting or quirky facts.

We plan on including a couple of pages to display Whanganui as a tourist destination- specifically for events and activities throughout the year.

Lastly, we will include a list of important contacts such as the hospital, i-site, the police and their tour guide and any other significant numbers as required.


Opening Night

Studio Gallery

5:00pm Onward

Tickets will be redeemed at the door for Mid Century Modern Tour as guests enter the event, these will be replaced with a lanyard to decipher their attendance from other patrons.

Catherine Claypol will exhibit her Mid Century Artwork that guests may purchase. Refreshments may be purchased at the bar, the guests are welcome to guide themselves throughout the exhibit.

The tour guides and speakers will talk the Mid Century Modern Tour Guests through the weekend and include any information about health and safety required.

The Tour Experience

The tour will begin at the War Memorial Hall, the patrons will then be guided around the first half of the tour. Guests will be given a full brief from the tour guide on the knowledge of that building, all guests are welcome to ask questions or include knowledge they may have on the building.Saturday- Phase One

Saturday- Phase One

Guests are encouraged to go and enjoy the market and enjoy a yummy breakfast from one of the many establishments within the area. At 10:30am the first 2 tours will commence from the War Memorial Hall. One tour will be taking route A and the other route B. The second tour will commence at 11am, following the same pattern.


Lunch will include a selection of fresh and healthy options, catered to the needs of each individual. It will be served in the War Memorial Hall. The guests are welcome to sit in the designated area within the hall or sit outside. The 10:30am tour will have lunch from 12:30-1:30 and the 11:00am tour will have lunch from 1:00-2:00. Once lunch is over the tours will resume.

Saturday- Phase Two

Phase 2 of the tour will commence after lunch is over. Guests in tour A will now take tour B and vice versa.

When the tours have wrapped up for the day the guests will have some leisure time before the last event of the night.

Saturday night will be at Whanganui Embassy 3 movie theatre hosted by Mark Southcombe who will be choosing an iconic movie from the mid century. The night will begin at 6pm where guests are welcome to order refreshments and dinner, the screening will then begin at 7pm.


Julia Gately will be hosting Sundays breakfast to talk about her book ‘Champion of New Zealand Modernism.’ All tour guides and speakers will attend the breakfast to chat about the homes and buildings on the agenda. Breakfast will begin at 8.00am and run through until 9.30am.

Sunday is a self guided tour to enjoy at the guests leisure. The Whanganui Mid Century Zine will be packed with information about these buildings and homes for the guests knowledge. We will be stationing the tour guides at certain homes and buildings to continue the tour experience for the guests.

To navigate around the homes and buildings the Whanganui Mid Century Modern Zine will have a map with the homes and buildings pin pointed and coordinates to type into google maps.


Marketing Focus


To get Mid Century Modern Tour across to our target market we will be aiming to use 3 marketing platforms as displayed below.

Our target market will be active silvers and young professionals.

Active Silvers

Active Silvers are older couples who have a high disposable income. They enjoy travel and experiences to increase their knowledge. They appreciate exploring new things both outdoor and academically. Active holidays and visiting friends and family are common activities.

Young Professionals

Young professionals are within the ages of late twenties to mid thirties. They are in their prime in their career and have a high disposable income. They enjoy luxury in every sense of the word and will stop at no end to get it. They seek authenticity in their style and within themselves and people around them. Young professionals love travel and new experiences to explore creative ideas.



  • Whanganui Chronical

  • Manuatu Standard

  • Taranaki Daily News

  • Hawkes Bay Today

  • Wellington Dominion Post

  • NZ Herald

Newspapers is still a common source of information to the active silvers. We plan on creating content for the newspapers that will keep them on the page.

Young professionals enjoy keeping up to date with current affairs. Although the original newspapers may not appeal to them a lot of these papers are now online and are easily accessible on the go which is important for this target market.

Flyers/ Posters

Flyers and posters are within both of our target markets eye. They are both likely to check their mailboxes and when walking down the street see certain colours and images or text that appeals to them. This source of marketing is effective for both parties.


  • The Hits

  • National

Radio is still a common marketing platform as many listen to be entertained on their commute to work in the morning or as a background sound throughout their day. Marketing through radio although can be difficult if executed correctly can be worth the time. We will be sure to get across to the right audience through the use of descriptive words to paint the audience a picture of the event.

Social Media

Both active silvers and young professionals use some platform of social media. Social media marketing is the most effective in 2019 as it reaches the largest amount of people in a short amount of time. It is also effective as you can set your campaign to a certain market so it will show up on their newsfeeds first. Social media will be our main source of connecting to our audience.

Impacts on Whanganui from an increase in tourism

Increased tourism to any community contributes to economic growth, this then leads to increase in job creation and improved infrastructure. Although we don’t want to change Whanganui and its Heritage we are interested in preserving what it has to offer. Enriching communities, through displaying the cultural values and developing Whanganui into a destination of heritage tourism.

The focus of Mid Century Modern Tour is the beginning of creating Whanganui into this destination. We are committed to giving Whanganui the stigma it deserves by displaying it not only nationwide but as a international must do for active silver and young professionals. We believe Whanganui’s heritage has potential for not only tourism through travellers but is a established part of New Zealand history which can benefit the schools are universities around the country.

The impacts from Mid Century Modern Tour is likely to bring in new communities of people which can look in from an outsider’s perspective to see the culture and potential growth Whanganui has to offer. From this event not all parties will be directly affected, those that will be directly affected are those involved within the event. These businesses are going to see economic growth and be positively effected throughout the course of Mid Century Modern Tour. Those indirectly affected are not likely to see any growth but will see an increase in tourism which in future will lead to economic growth as Whanganui grows in events.